A Simple Way to solve a HUGE Problem!

"An estimated 1.1 billion people – 14% of the global population – do not have access to electricity."
(Energy Access Outlook 2017)
This means they have No Light.

The Solution Exists

From our partner, SolarAid.

Another of our Partners

One of the challenges was getting paid from the third world countries.
Watch this movie. It's one of our partners who was Chosen by the Vatican for a project.

Understand what this does for us.
We can now sign up Anybody, Anywhere in the Entire World.

An Excellent Summary of our Thought Pattern.

‘As a man thinketh, so is he.’

Think a New Thought, by Issimo.

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This site is made by Dr. Rick Mayer and is just temporary till the SunCrew sites are live.
Even if you don't fully grasp the magnitude of what we are doing and where it will go, take a leap of Faith.

This opportrunity hits on so many levels it's difficult to explain them all. Shortly it will all come together.
Coming:  Solar Chargers, Water Filters and More.

The SKY is the Limit.

Soon you will learn all the details of this Truly Incredible opportunity.
We have the partners in place and we are already positioned to go Global.

When was the last time you went GLOBAL with any opportunity Right out of the Gate?
And when was the last time you had one that Truly Made a Difference in the Lives of People, not just on One Continent but WorldWide?

We are Live.

You can join us now on the link above.

It's IMPORTANT that you get back to the person who sent you here and use their link.

Replicated Websites coming soon.

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This is Important.
Then purchase some SolarSeeds.
Shortly, we will launch the full opportunity.

A Final Thought

Have you ever felt like the
folks in this video to the right?